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Welcome to Treatlcoal helps community pharmacies generate extra revenue and drive more footfall with zero investment or marketing cost. To see how your pharmacies can benefit from extra footfall and generate extra revenue, read the details below.


Private Antigen test Collection Service provides private antigen tests online to the public and offers an instant local collection service through participating pharmacies. This way, Treat Local tries to drive the online traffic to community pharmacies.


The pharmacy is not required to invest in anything. We provide the test kits, the IT system (a simple dashboard) and we invest £500/month per pharmacy on digital marketing. The test kit is purchased online by the customer so the pharmacy doesn't deal with transactions or customer support. Our dedicated customer service team deals with all customer queries 7 days a week. The pharmacy simply provides a collection service to the customer. We pay Pharmacy for each collection. 



Generate extra income

Attract new customers into your pharmacy (increased footfall)

Zero investment, with everything provided by us

Easy set-up (takes 10 minutes) and full training and support provided throughout the process

It takes less than 30 seconds for pharmacy staff to serve a collection customer.

Automated system with very little manual work

Commission automatically calculated from the collections recorded in the dashboard and paid on a monthly basis to the bank account of the business.

Simple and Transparent for pharmacy.

Free Sign up


Click on the link below to see a short introductory video.


Intro to Pharmacy Collection Service - Watch Video

Case Study:  Carters Chemist - 47 Roman Way, London N7 8XF

Carters Chemist is an independent community pharmacy in Islington, London. In its first 2 weeks of signing up for the private collection service above, the pharmacy had 50 collections, meaning 50 new quality footfall to the pharmacy and and extra revenue.

Collections:  50

Comission earned: 50 x collection fee

Increase in new footfall: 50 

Time invested: 50 x 30 seconds per collection = 25 minutes in total 

Cost to the Pharmacy = 0 

As we can see the pharmacy generated extra revenue and attracted 50 new quality footfall with zero marketing cost and only 25 minutes time for all the collections. 

The footfall and earnings will only increase month on month. 

Over the counter option


The second option we have is where the pharmacy can buy the Antigen test kits from us upfront in minimum batches of 15 and then sell them on to their own customers over the counter.


If you would like to sign up for free or have any enquiries, please email our team on

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