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Need to get vaccines for your next adventure or work trip? Find your local travel vaccination clinic and book your appointment online for expert travel health advice and vaccines.

Travel Vaccine

Travel Vaccine

Our travel clinics offer a wide range of vaccines. Simply book a pre-travel consultation with your nearest clinic.

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Private Covid Vaccine

Private Covid Vaccine

  • Private covid vaccination service at your local pharmacy.
  • Safe and convenient access to private covid vaccine.
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Speciality Vaccine

Speciality Vaccine

Find your nearest private clinic for non-travel vaccines such as Shingles, HPV, Chickenpox and Pneumonia Vaccines.

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Hajj & Umrah Vaccine

Hajj & Umrah Vaccine

Get your meningitis ACWY vaccine for Hajj or Umrah. Find your local clinic and make an appointment online.

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Are you traveling to an area where malaria is found? Find your nearest clinic for antimalarials & expert travel health advice.

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Yellow Fever Vaccine & Certificate

Yellow Fever Vaccine & Certificate

  • Private yellow fever vaccine
  • Yellow fever certificate included
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Professional service delivered by travel healthexperts. Search for your local travel clinic, with clinics nationwide.

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Earwax Removal Clinics

Need your earwax removed? Find your local Microsuction earwax removal clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rapid antigen test can be used as a fit to fly test for entry to those countries that accept an antigen test. You can check the entry requirement for your destination country by visiting the foreign travel advice page on Gov website

It can also be used as a pre-departure test for entry back into the UK. Those aged 12 and over are required to take a pre-departure test before returning to the UK, within 48 hours of their departure.


We work hard to offer a simple, affordable and robust covid testing service for those travelling abroad or travelling back to the UK. Increasing number of countries are accepting rapid antigen tests as an entry requirement test.

Our rapid antigen testing service is simple. 

  1. Order a rapid antigen test online and select a free next day delivery (order by 2 PM on weekdays) or choose an instant collection point near you to collect your test kit from. 
  2. Take your test when the pre-departure testing time window opens for your destination country.
  3. Register your test kit online and upload your results. 
  4. Our team will review your results and issue a fit to fly certificate (if you have tested negative) within 12 hours.


The manufacturer of the kit has confirmed that the test kits are EC marked and fully registered with MHRA.

Also that "The UK Government Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the DHSC/UK Government, has validated the test to have exemplary accuracy at multiple viral loads, including for asymptomatic patients, and across the new different variants.

Yes, search for your nearest travel clinic and book an appointment online. It is recommended that you book the appointment 6-8 weeks prior to travel. The clinics offer expert travel health advice, vaccinations and antimalarials.

Our listed clinics offer private microsuction earwax removal services. You can book an appointment online by searching for your nearest clinic and selecting a date and time that suits you.

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