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Are you looking for a clinic that provides vitamin B12 injection service near you? The Vitamin B12 injection service is provided through a network of local pharmacies nationwide. Simply search for your nearest clinic and complete a short online consultation that gets reviewed by our UK-registered doctors/prescribers.

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Our most popular b12 injection clinics are featured below. If you don't see a clinic that is near you then search for your nearest branch above.

Grand Pharmacy
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Grand Pharmacy - B12 Injections

  • Grand Pharmacy, 11 Grand Hotel Buildings, Compton Street, Eastbourne, BN21 4EJ
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Matlock Pharmacy
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Matlock Pharmacy - B12 Injections

  • Matlock Pharmacy, 12 Matlock Road, Brighton, BN1 5BF
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Muxton Pharmacy
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Muxton Pharmacy - B12 Injections

  • Muxton Pharmacy, 9 Fieldhouse Drive, Muxton, Telford, TF2 8JQ
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What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamine, is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally found in some foods. Due to limited dietary intake, insufficiency or deficiency is relatively common. Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet are more likely to be deficient as Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal-based products.

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What are the main symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency?

The symptoms and severity of symptoms vary between individuals but the main symptoms associated with vitamin B12 deficiency are extreme tiredness, lack of energy, breathlessness, feeling faint, palpitations, pale skin, loss of appetite and weight loss.

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