Covid 19 testing is available from to determine if you are currently infected with the virus. You provide your approval to participate in the COVID-19 test by completing this online enrolment, and you agree to:

-Providing a swab sample from the nasal or nasal and throat regions.

-Your Covid-19 results being shared with Public Health England. This is mandatory with testing. They may wish to then further refer you to NHS track and trace.

-To support the service, we and third-party data processors will securely process your personal information (limited to that specified below).

The possible results from the PCR or rapid antigen test are:

A positive result - you are actively infective and must self-isolate for the requisite number of days, as instructed by the UK government.

A negative result - you are not currently harbouring the virus.

It's also conceivable that your sample was obtained erroneously, in which case your result will be recorded as failed/void or indecisive/inconclusive and a re-test will be needed.

Consent for swabbing

By having the rapid antigen or a PCR test done you are giving consent to following protocol:

Having a swab sample done of the back of your throat and/or inside of your nose with the same swab. Some people may experience a gag reflex whilst doing the test. This should be painless.

In case of PCR tests, securing the swab in the collection tube provided for it to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

In case of PCR tests, results are released within 48 hours of the laboratory receiving the swab sample.

(The possibility of a false positive or false negative COVID-19 test result exists, as it does with any diagnostic test).

Our data privacy policy will apply to the data we collect and process. The personal data that we and our suppliers will process for this service will include the following.


Date of Birth



Phone number



NHS number

Passport Number

Covid-19 Vaccination status

Travel Details

Test samples and results

All data will be kept in a secure electronic format. Due to the nature of the results relating to your health we are required to record your consent to use this service.

Further queries can be directed to our email