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Middle ear infection advice and treatment in Bevendean

Are you suffering from symptoms of a middle ear infection? We offer a free advice and treatment service through the NHS Pharmacy First Service for those aged 1 to 17 years old, without the need to see your GP. Book an appointment online.

*The pharmacist will check your suitability and eligibility for the Free NHS Pharmacy First Service. In some cases, a treatment may not be required for your symptoms. Also, if the pharmacist finds that your symptoms suggest a more serious infection or condition, they may refer you to your GP or another service for further assessment and treatment.

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What is Acute Otitis Media?

Otitis Media is an infection of the middle ear. It is associated with inflammation, redness and fluid buildup behind the eardrum.

Whilst anyone can develop acute otitis media, it is most common among children.

What are the signs and symptoms of Acute Otitis Media?

In acute otitis media, symptoms develop quickly and usually resolve within a few days. The symptoms include:

  • Earache
  • Fever (a high temperature)
  • Being sick
  • Lack of energy
  • Slight hearing loss due to the fluid buildup
  • Discharge running out of the ears
  • Feeling pressure or fullness inside the ear

It can be difficult for very young children to communicate their symptoms or source of discomfort. The signs and symptoms in young child who can’t communicate their symptoms verbally may include:

  • Pulling on the ears
  • Rubbing on the ears
  • Being irritable and restless
  • Not feeding as normal
  • Not responding to some sounds
  • Loss of balance

If your symptoms persist or you have severe symptoms then seek medical help. Through the NHS Pharmacy First Service, participating pharmacies can offer advice and treatment for acute otitis media to eligible patients.

What treatment options are available for Acute Otitis Media through the Pharmacy First Service?

A pharmacist will assess your symptoms during a consultation and if it is clinically appropriate and you are eligible through the NHS Pharmacy First service, a treatment may be offered to you for the middle ear infection. The available treatment options include:

  • Ear drops for symptomatic relief of acute otitis media.
  • Antibiotic tablets/capsules/Oral Solution for the treatment of acute otitis media

*If you are issued a prescription medicine, you will pay the standard NHS prescription charge unless you’re eligible for free prescriptions.

If you are not eligible for treatment through the Pharmacy First Service or the available treatments are not suitable for you, the pharmacist may recommend an alternative treatment option or sign-post you to another service.

Want to learn more about ear infections? Visit the NHS.uk webpage for up-to-date advice and information.

What is the Pharmacy First Service?

The Pharmacy First Service is an NHS service designed to offer free advice and treatments to eligible patients for several common conditions. Patients can access this service at participating pharmacies in England. The six additional conditions covered by this service include:

Think Pharmacy First for common conditions. Book your appointment to see one of our pharmacists at Leybourne Pharmacy.

Customer Note

The pharmacy team will assess your eligibility for the NHS Pharmacy First Service during the consultation. You may be sign-posted to another service if you are found not to be eligible for this service.

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